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Fubar Labs Arduino Class Syllabus - Fall 2017

Fubar Labs will be sponsoring a series of workshop classes, one each every Sunday afternoon, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm. This is for a total of 9 sessions, starting October 15, 2017. The class series will repeat in the winter/spring. We will study the basics of the Arduino Uno processor board, and several plug-in daughter cards. The class also will study various sensor boards, such as ultrasonic, and Infrared sensors.

If you miss the first class, I can be available at 3:00pm Sunday, to go over installing the Arduino Software (IDE). Please txt me to be sure I know you are coming early 732 693 3869.

It is assumed that each student has some programming background. Familiarity with C or some other structured programming language is helpful. Each student should bring their laptop computer, and be able to install the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software. No special soldering skills are required. Previous electronics experience is helpful but not necessary.

Each student will also be asked to purchase an Arduino Starter Kit, cost of around $30, available from Amazon. If you have the equivalent parts, that is acceptable, as well. Some starter kits also will be available on loan at the workshop sessions. Arduino Starter kit sold at Amazon Don't forget to look at the contents of the CD that comes with your Starter Kit.

There will be a series of 9 classes:

  1. Introduction to Arduino software and the Multifunction Shield
  2. DC Motors, Servo Motors, Stepper Motors
  3. Sensors 1 - Ultrasonic, InfraRed
  4. Sensors 2 - Temperature, Mechanical 3 axis tilt
  5. LED string programming
  6. LCD user interface
  7. Networked programming
  8. Music Synthesizers
  9. Special class on robot construction

General resources for Arduino

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