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Arduino Sensor Modules and Output control

This class will be focased on using some of the more popular Sensor modules and shields for Arduino. There are lots of sensor variety kits, some on Amazon and Ebay. The following is a powerpoint presentation I found on the Internet, I did not create this. It is a little bit old, but still very useful.

Arduino Sensors Presentation

Sensors I - Class was Oct 29th, 2017

We finished up the Stepper Motor exersize on Oct 29th, then moved on to the Ultrasonic range detector.

Sensors II - Class Nov 5th, 2017

There was a request to go over the operation of the I2C serial bus, so that will be a lecture presentation for this Sunday. Devices that connect to the I2C serial bus are on order, but might not be available in time for this Nov 5th Sunday class. For Nov 5th 2017 class we will work with the DHT11 Temperature and Humidity sensor, which is connected with a proprietary one wire bus. There will also be a human body heat PIR detector, that will be handed out to the class. We can try it out, even though it really does not need the Arduino microcontroller.

We should look at the IR detector module for receiving hand held remote control commands. Then we have open workshop time with the 37 sensors module sample kits. We will have to share these kits, so each person will be working on a different module at a time. There are not enough parts to run all students on the same module at the same time.

RFID and 6 axis accelerometer and other sensors