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Resources for PC Graphical User Interface class

Sometimes it would be handy to create a control panel in software, that runs on a Windows PC. The main advantage is being able to control an embedded microcontroller, using commands from a PC that could be a distance away. The embedded microcontroller can still run autonomously, but in the case that new operations need to be commanded, a Windows PC runing a graphical user interface (GUI) can re-direct the day to day operation of the microcontroller.

Graphical User Interface on the Apple Laptop or Desktop is beyond the scope of discussion for this class, but would make an interesting class in the future.

The other way to do Graphical User Interface is through a Web Page. The Ethernet Shield and Web Server code on Arduino can be used to create this service. The web user accesses various parameters over hyperlinks to live data on the Arduino Web Server. The bulk of the web page display can be hosted on an Internet Service Provider server. An example will be presented.

Power Point Presentation on GUI
Visual Studio code for C# GUI
Arduino code for house control
Ardulink Arduino control
Arduino Firmata control