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Arduino Networking, Ethernet and WiFi

This class will be focased on using the plug-in Ethernet Shield and a WiFi module using the ESP8266 module. We explore programming and communication using Arduino built-in Libraries for embedded websites on Arduino.

Arduino Communications Library Functions

Ethernet Shield using Wiznet W5100 TCP/IP protocol chip.

The W5100 chip is a complete TCP/IP processor, with 16K Bytes of packet buffer storage. This chip provides an 10/100 Megabit Ethernet interface to the world, and a SPI interface to the embedded microcontroller. This chip offloads all the network processing of TCP protocol and provides raw data packets to the Arduino target CPU over an SPI interface at slower speed. Wiznet W5100 Chipset
Wiznet W5100 Datasheet

Verisign Internet registered Domain Names

Some other networking physical interfaces common to the Arduino controller cards.

  • WiFi module using ESP8266
  • Programming communication over the USB connection
  • Bluetooth communication

The following is a powerpoint presentation I created quite a while ago, I still think its relevant. It is a little bit old, but still very useful.

Ethernet and TCP/IP Presentation