Fubar Labs

NEW JERSEY'S FIRST HACKERSPACE - 100 Jersey Ave, New Brunswick, NJ

Fubar Labs Arduino Class Resource Links

Resources for Introduction to Arduino class

Arduino offical website
Arduino libraries explained
Official Arduino Playground
Tutorialspoint Arduino examples
ATmega328P Data Sheet
Hack a Day Projects
Multifunction Shield examples
MySQL library function examples
Tutorials Point Arduino lab
duino 4 projects
Arduino IDE Built In Examples

Other Tutorials Online

Shield List dot org
View Hackatronics-Arduino-Multi-function-Shield PDF
Electronics Hub Arduino Projects - Really Cool
Tronix Stuff Tutorials

Arduino Books - some free

Issuu - "30 Arduino projects for the Evil Genius"
Issuu - "Getting Started with Arduino"
Issuu - "Beginning Arduino Programming"
Beginning Arduino Programming Book - for sale at Amazon

Home Automation - Z-Wave Technology

Z-Wave industry Trade Group
Z-Wave devices store
Z-Wave on Wikipedia
Z-Wave products at Amazon
Alexa Echo Plus Home automation at Amazon
Z-Uno Arduino programming module interworks with Z-Wave devices
Homeseer Home Automation Products Open Z-Wave alliance

Robot store Links

The Robot Shop
DF Robot Store
Vex Robotics
Pololu Robotics

Purchasing Links - online stores for Arduino stuff

Sunfounder store
Music from outer space (Analog Synth PCBs)
Adafruit DIY and IoT products
Elcrow Electronic kits
Digilent Electronic kits
Electronic Express
Tindie DIY and IoT products
Potential Labs products
Pololu products
Your Duino Store
Hobby Tronics
IC Station
3E Gadgets
Circuits Today
Wave Elements - software synthesizer
Direct Digital Synthesis using Arduino and a D/A

Other links

Univ of Minn cources on Arduino
Pinterest - free Arduino books
Geekcreit Sensor modules on sale at Banggood
More Programming Examples

PCB Tools and resources

KiCAD Schematic and PCB Design
PCB Way (PCB manufacturer)
JLC PCB (PCB manufacturer)
Fritzing Schematic and PCB design
Olimex listing of industry design tools - very comprehensive