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Motors and Controllers

Fubar Labs Meetup class events.

We will be studing the operation of DC motors, Servo Motors and Stepper Motors.
Fubar Arduino Motor Control Presentation PDF

Please review the following sections on Motor Control at the Tutorialspoint website.

  1. Mabuchi FA-130 DC Motor - Data Sheet
  2. Arduino - DC Motor - Unidirectional control
  3. Arduino Pulse Width Modulation functions
  4. Adafruit - "H" Bridge L293D Motor Contorl Shield - User Manual
  5. Adafruit - "H" Bridge L293D Motor Contorl Shield - Zip Library
  6. Motor.ino - Motor L293D Shield Demo code (Requires Library)
  7. Texas Instruments L293D "H" Bridge - Data Sheet
    (The "D" stands for protection Diode)
  8. Vex Robotics Gear Motor Assembly
  9. Arduino - Servo Motor
  10. Arduino - Stepper Motor
  11. DRV-8825 Stepper Motor Driver module
  12. Stepper Motor 28byj-48

The following videos provides background on the operation of: