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Arduino Software IDE and libraries

Fubar Labs Meetup class events.

We will install the Arduino IDE, and study the Sketch program flow. There will be a discussion on using the library manager, and installing new library packages. Some of the important built in functions like Serial communication and pin I/O will be used. The Mulltifunction module will be used, with the Ardunio Uno base board, for lab exersizes.

Fubar Labs presentation - Introduction to Arduino Software

Online Tutorial for Introduction to Arduino class

Please review the following Arduino tutorials at Tutorials Point.

  1. Arduino IDE installation and startup
  2. Arduino program structure
  3. Arduino I/O Functions

Code examples for Multifunction Shield

Code examples for Multifunction Shield

Resources for exersizes - Introduction to Arduino class

This shield got my attention as it looked like a nice beginners learning type shield with which you could get up and running with an Arduino.

Multifunction Shield examples
View Hackatronics-Arduino-Multi-function-Shield PDF
Multifunction Shield Schematic
Arduino Uno and Multifunction Shield - Tones Melody Exersize