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Fubar Labs Arduino Class Code Examples - Oct 18, 2017

Click on the links to download the following Zipped Librraries

MultiFuncShield-Library.zip - Multifunction Shield Library
SoftI2CMaster-master.zip - Software I2C serial bus Library
TimerOne-master.zip - Timer Library
Hackatronics-Using-Arduino-Multi-function-Shield.zip - Multifunction Shield Code Examples
DHT-lib.zip - DHT11 Library

Click on the links to download the following code examples

The files will download to your "Downloads Folder". Please move the file from your Downloads folder, and move into your Adruino Working Directory. Place each file in a unique folder with a folder name that matches the file name, minus the extention.

Blink.ino - LED on pin 13 (no library needed)
Blink_with_tone.ino - Blink with tone (no library)
Blink_Four_in_Sequence.ino - Flash four SMD LEDs in sequence (Requires Library)
BlinkWithoutDelay.ino - Blink LED without using the delay() function. (no library)
Buttons_serial_monitor.ino - Button example with serial monitor. (Requires Library)
Hex_Readout.ino - Decimal LED seven segment, HEX readout counting data. (Requires Library)
Potentiometer_one.ino - Analog Read Potentiometer with serial monitor. (no library)
Segments_Dispaly.ino - Seven segment display with fixed data. (no library)
Segment_Display_Read_Pot.ino - Analog Read Potentiometer with LED display. (no library)
DHT11.ino - DHT11 Temperature and Humidity sensor (Requires library)
Four_Relays_rev2.ino - Four Relays fire in sequence